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Cellular Resonance Therapy T&H WORKSHOP

Tune&Heal;, Wellness Center - 908 Main St., LOUISVILLE CO 80027 (Unit B104)

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Tune & Heal ™ Sound Healing WORKSHOP

Dr. Barbra Angel's method of Resonance Cellular Therapy for Body-Mind-Spirit.

This is Evidence-Based European Healing Method. You will learn how to use tuning-forks, voice and sound vibration for healing. Thousands of people have already experienced benefits of this unique healing modality.


♪ Discover TUNE & HEAL method for Body-Mind-Spirit

♪ Talk to the angel(s)

♪ Increase your connection with Source Energy

♪ Meditate with real acoustic frequencies/waves of Angels calling them

♪ Get Healing through voice & music rising your vibration

LOCATION: 908 Main St., LOUISVILLE CO 80027 (Unit B104) TICKETS: $55


Teacher: Dr. Barbra Angel (Barbara Romanowska Ph.D.)
World Renown Naturopath, Author, Coach, Composer & Singer, Winner of
Hollywood WIND Film Festival, Humanitarian Awards, Christian Film Festival,
International Songwriting Competition and more

You can't miss it!

*Get Source Energy benefits:)

* Heal Body-Mind-Spirit

* Learn how to keep being healthy & happy with
natural vibrations


and U.S.A.: CA, CO, IL, OR, NY

Phone: (970) 232 0862 Email:

FaceBook and Meet Up group: TUNE&HEAL

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